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Tektite strobes probe the Aegean Sea in "Titanic's Tragic Sister"

The Britannic is the larger sister to the ill-fated Titanic. Converted to a hospital ship for WWI, on November 21, 1916, Britannic was steaming through the Kea Channel in the Aegean when an explosion ripped through the ship causing the world's largest ocean liner to sink in 400 feet of water. Famous New Jersey wreck divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler (hosts of "Deep Sea Detectives", Shadow Divers, U-869) lead an expedition to unravel this mystery of the Britannic's final hour. Tektite Strobes can be seen in several shots on the mooring buoy down-line at the decompression stops. Our strobes were also "off screen", but essential, during the tense scene in boiler room #6. While 100 feet inside the wreck, and 400' down, the penetration dive had to be aborted when the visibilty dropped to zero during the 'silt out'. Our strobes safely guided the divers back to the exit.

How it's made..............


Tektite Torcher Test

On February 28, Tektite's design and engineering team completed another round of Torcher Testing. See the video below! The goal of this Torcher Test was to subject our flashlights to the extreme weight and pressure of a tank. During the testing we drove a retired 54-Ton British Tank over several of our flashlights. This unique product and demanding test helps demonstratethe extreme ruggedness and durability of our flashlights. After the test, we inspected the flashlights and came to the following conclusions:
  • The Excursion LS4 once again demonstrated that it deserves the title of Most Durable Flashlight in the World. It survived the test with only minor scuffs and body scratches.
  • The Trek 2/4 demonstrated its extreme resilience to the crushing forces exerted by the 54-Ton Tank. While its ABS body was slightly deformed, it still worked after this test.
  • Only one flashlight didn't survive the test; It was still shining, but could not be turned off. However, this prototype model has been redesigned and we fully expect it to pass this Torcher Test next time. That's what testing is for!
  • Tektite would like to thank Ricky's Army & Navy in Delran, NJ, for all their assistance.

Tektite LS4 on the Dunraven

My 85 lumen Tektite LS4 LED torch on a day dive inside The Dunraven, December 2007. The vid ends abruptly because some kind soul tries to swim through my head

Nite Ize LED light Stick / Strobe

Nite Ize LEW Wand - The new multifunction LED light stick / strobe really is a winner - see for yourself:-